As user languages continue to evolve, there is growing interest in new acronyms, which are very common on social media. Although "GRWM" has been on YouTube for a long time, there are still some TikTok users who are not familiar with it. In this post from MiniTool, you'll find an explanation of some of the most popular types of searched videos, using both their hashtags and full names.

What Does GRWM Mean?

GRWM means “get ready with me.” GRWM videos often appear on social media platforms. GRWM Video is a vlog where one films everything he does in his morning and evening routine. It’s also a way to showcase the products they use and sometimes bloggers show what they’ve received from the sponsor. Usually, GRWM videos are created by beauty bloggers. These videos also can be used at a party, travel, or some specific events.

GRWM videos are a popular type of video that can be seen anywhere from YouTube to Instagram, TikTok, and more. If you search for GRWM in YouTube’s search bar, there are over 200,000 results, proving the popularity of these types of videos. The most popular GRWM videos on YouTube have over 10 million views.

How Did GRWM Videos Become Popular?

What does GRWM mean on YouTube? What does GRWM mean on TikTok? Although the GRWM video may seem like a new thing for the TikTok platform, it has been existing for many years on YouTube. People love watching their favorite vlogger’s GRWM video. At the same time, the vlogger will chat with her/his audience, who can reply in the comments section to interact with the vlogger or influencer.

In addition to providing viewers with specific processes that may be part of their daily routines, GRWM videos can be a great way for influencers to naturally incorporate products into their videos. This kind of video allows vloggers to show sponsored products from different brands at the same time.

If you want to create a GRWM video. You can download the MiniTool MovieMaker to make a video. It is an easy-to-operate video editor with sound features for you to use. You will be surprised by its powerful functions.

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When you post a GRWM vlog, you can add a GRWM hashtag so that it comes up when people search GRWM.

Other Abbreviations Like GRWM


WIMB is an abbreviation for “what’s in my bag.” A WIMB video is a video made by an influencer or blogger that shows viewers all the items in the bag they carry with them, whether it’s a purse (most common), handbag, suitcase, or any other type of bags. In these pieces, they show viewers what they consider to be necessities or what they carry around with them.


FMA is an abbreviation for “follow me around.” This acronym is used to describe the first-person perspective of a day or an event, such as planning a party, attending a graduation ceremony, or even an ordinary Saturday for you. FMA video can also be referred to as a day-in-the-life video.

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AMA is an abbreviation for “ask me anything.” An AMA video refers to the influencer making a video to answer the questions from their audience. They usually post a blog on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platform to collect questions before creating the AMA video.

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Those stand for “outfit of the day” and “outfit of the week.” Outfit of the day is prevailing on Instagram. People post their one-day outfits on Instagram. The outfit of the week video is popular on YouTube. The vlogger creates a video about what they wear in a week.

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GW is an abbreviation for “game walkthrough.” A game walkthrough video is dedicated to improving a player’s skills in a specific game. If you are good at a certain game, you can record a game walkthrough video to teach your in-game experiences.

These types of videos are popular on various platforms and you should take this opportunity to make one. If your video goes viral, you can get huge benefits from it.


What does GRWM mean? After reading this post, you must know the answer, right? Hope you can learn something from this post. Meanwhile, we provide you with some other abbreviations on various platforms. You can make those kinds of videos with MiniTool MovideMaker. It is a fantastic video editor with a host of export formats. If you are interested in it, try it out!

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