Instagram Stories is a popular Instagram feature that lets users share multiple photos and videos in a slideshow format to share the moments. How to watch Instagram stories anonymously, this post offers 3 methods to watch Instagram stories secretly.

Most users watch Instagram stories every day. If someone viewed your Instagram stories, you can see the username in the list of story viewers. Similarly, the Story posters can see your username in the list of story viewers.

However, if you don’t want your username to appear in the view list, you have to watch IG stories anonymously. How to watch Instagram stories anonymously?How to view Instagram stories without them knowing?  Here’re 3 methods.

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Method 1. Use Another Instagram Account

Perhaps the best way to watch Instagram stories anonymously is using an unfamiliar Instagram account. If you switch to another Instagram account to view friends’ IG stories, they won’t know you’ve viewed their Stories.

If you haven’t created an additional Instagram account, just go to Instagram and create a new one, then log in with this account, find and watch friends’ stories.

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Method 2. Watch Instagram Stories in Airplane Mode

The second way to watch Instagram stories anonymously is to view Instagram stories in Airplane mode. Instagram can automatically preload several stories for instant viewing even when your phone is not connected to Wi-Fi or doesn’t turn on mobile data. Thus, you can theoretically watch Instagram stories without being seen. 

Open your Instagram app, then open a friend’s profile and wait for seconds, then put your phone on airphone mode, then click the user’s story to play. And once you connect the phone to the Internet, the story will update.

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Method 3. Use an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

There’re many third-party websites and apps that help you view Instagram stories wihtout them knowing. This part will introduce 5 anonymous Instagram story viewers.



InstaStories or Insta-Stories is a free online anonymous Instagram story viewer. Just enter a username with the right format, you can view the Instagram stories, highlights, live broadcasts, photos, videos, comments, likes, etc.

This service also lets you download IG stories and highlights to your computer and phone. And this site supports 10 languages.


StoriesIG is also a great way to view IG stories anonymously. Ans this Instagram anonymous story viewer also enables you to save pictures and videos from Instagram.


Dumpor is another Instagram anonymous story viewer you can try. With it, you can not only view IG stories anonymously but also profiles, reels, tagged posts, etc. And this site also enables you to download content from Instagram.

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#Anon IG Viewer

If you want to try an anonymous Instagram story viewer, Anon IG Viewer is also a great choice that allows you to watch Instagram stories and posts from other users without them knowing. And you can also save stories and posts to your PC and phone.


StoriesDown is also one of the best Instagram viewers to watch Instagram stories anonymously. Just enter a username and search, then you can watch IG stories and posts.

#Insta Stalker

With Insta Stalker, you can view Instagram stories, other users’ likes, comments and posts anonymously. This site is also free to use and has no registration required.


With the above anonymous Instagram story viewers, you can watch public stories without an Instagram account easily and save pictures and videos from Instagram. Do not use other people's photos and videos. If necessary, please contact the owner. And all of these viewers are only for personal fair use.

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This post offers 3 ways to watch Instagram stories anonymously. Now, you can choose one method and view other users’ Instagram stories without them knowing.

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