Finding music for your YouTube videos is a tough task because YouTube does not allow users to use copyrighted music in YouTube videos. Wondering where to find free uncopyrighted music? Here will tell you the answer. To add uncopyrighted music to video, try MiniTool MovieMaker.

How to get uncopyrighted music? Below are 3 of the best sites to find free uncopyrighted music for YouTube or other projects. Let’s check them.

Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is an excellent website created specifically for music lovers. It offers hundreds of free music tracks in a range of styles. Here, you can find royalty-free music for your YouTube videos or other projects, such as blog, vlog, podcast, etc.

Most of the royalty-free music on this website is released under Creative Commons Licenses. You are free to use the music, even for commercial purposes, as long as you include credit and link in your project or somewhere else.

If you need uncopyrighted music for some reason, feel free to use the FSM Team No Copyright Music Playlist.

Free Stock Music

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Free Music Archive

As its name suggests, Free Music Archive (FMA) is a library of free music with over 100,000 songs and music, and it is known for free to download music licensed under Creative Commons.

You can find a variety of genres of music, including blues, classical, country, folk, and so on. You can search for music by Genres and Charts on the site, and click the download icon to download your desired music.

Most importantly, you can use these free tracks in your project without worrying about copyright issues. Besides, there is no registration required to download music files to FMA.

Free Music Archive

If you search for free uncopyrighted music on YouTube, you may come across this YouTube Channel, such as Audio Library. It is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to search, catalog, sort, and publish free music for content creators. You can subscribe to the channel and get free uncopyrighted music every day.

You just have to give credits when posting and then you can use these tracks on YouTube and Twitch, even in monetized videos. However, you might receive a copyright claim if you try to use it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Audio Library

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Bonus Tip: Royalty-Free Music vs. Uncopyrighted Music

People often mistakenly confuse royalty-free music with uncopyrighted music. Below, we will discuss the difference between royalty-free music and copyright-free music.

Royalty-free music is a specific type of stock music or production music, which can be used unlimitedly in any application and work. However, royalty-free music does not mean that it is free. You may need to pay for a one-off license to use the music, for a stipulated period, and you don’t have to pay a fee to the copyright owner.

Uncopyrighted music is music for which the legal copyright has expired or has been allowed to lapse intentionally by the musician or rights owner. It includes music in the public domain and music protected by a free license. Non-copyright music can be used for free, making the secondary use more convenient.

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Bottom Line

After reviewing the best place to find uncopyrighted music, it’s time to add music to perfect your video projects. If you have any questions or suggestions about uncopyrighted music, please let us know via [email protected] or share them in the comments section below.

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