As we can see, there are countless new TikTok slang words and acronyms that have started popping up among the TikTokers. Do you know what is the exact TikTok slang meaning? Do not worry. Here we compile a list of TikTok slang words and meanings (with examples) for you. Explore it right now!

TikTok is an important source that is now contributing to the internet lexicon. Generation Zers (Gen Zers) have created a new set of slang and vocabulary that can be confusing for some people. Here we compiled some popular TikTok slang words and meanings for you.

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Here we go. The top popular TikTok slang words and phrases you should know in English are as follows. Some terms have the meaning or example to help you understand.


Cheugy, pronounced “chew-gee”, is a word that refers to people or objects that are out of touch or not trendy, which have an out of touch aesthetic.

Example: “Do you still own a pair of skinny jeans? They’re so cheugy!”

OK Boomer

“OK Boomer” is a phrase that can be used as an expression of frustration or a way to end a debate. Essentially, the phrase means “keep your opinions, I can’t be bothered to argue.”


Gaslight means to manipulate someone into questioning the truth or their own reality. It’s actually not just slang, but an actual term, coined in the movie Gaslight in 1944. It’s frequently used among Gen Z, especially when discussing toxic relationships where gaslighting commonly occurs.

Example: “I can’t believe he tried to gaslight you into thinking that.”

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Lowkey means someone secretly wants to do something and they don’t want to be obvious about it. Highkey is the opposite. Someone wants to do something and they want the attention.

Examples: “I lowkey wanna eat this whole cake.”/ “I highkey want to be healthy.”

No cap

Cap is slang for lie. The phrase “no cap” means “no lie” or “for real”. Another expression for “seriously”.

Example: “I really wanna go to the party tonight, no cap.”

Rent free/Live rent free in my mind

“Rent free" can refer to a person or a thing stuck in your head, and you can't stop thinking about it, like a catchy new song or a weird video can live rent free in your mind.

Example: “This song lives rent free in my mind.”


The slang word is often used on TikTok in terms of bitter behavior. If someone is being “salty” they are probably upset about something of small significance.

Example: “They are just salty because they just lost the game.”


If something or someone “slays”, it means that they are doing a great job or that they are really cool. It is similar to “killed it”. 

Example:  Doja Cat’s new album slayed.


This term comes from singer-songwriter Conan Gray’s bestseller: Heather. The song describes how the singer “wishes they were Heather”, implying they wish they were perfect. It means that you are desirable, and everyone wants to be you. A Heather is someone who is popular, desired and someone who everyone wants to be or be with.

Example: “You are such a Heather.”


This jumble of words has no meaning at all, and it's just a bunch of letters people use as a hashtag to boost their videos onto people's For You Pages.

Vibe Check

A vibe check refers to checking in on someone’s behavior or atmosphere and assessing what vibe they’re giving off. Good vibe? They passed the vibe check. If someone is acting suspiciously or acting up in a negative way, it sounds like they don’t pass the vibe check.

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Abbreviations on TikTok in English

Now that we’ve covered the TikTok slang phrases and words, let’s look at some abbreviations if you ever see a few letters together and wonder what they mean.

  • POV: Point of view. This phrase can be used to give an opinion.
  • IB: Short for inspired by. Used to give credit to the person who inspired the creator’s video.
  • DC: Dance credits. Used to tag the person who came up with the dance in that video to give credit for their creation.
  • Smh: Shaking my head. It means you agree with something.
  • Rn: Right now.
  • Tbh: To be honest.
  • Oomf: One of my followers.
  • Fr: For real.
  • Sus: Suspicious. A word abbreviation means you do not believe something.
  • Pfp: Profile picture.

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In this post, we have learned some popular TikTok slang phrases and words. We also got some abbreviations on TikTok. If you know other popular TikTok slang, welcome to share with us in the comments.

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