Do you know there are secret emojis on TikTok? This post from MiniTool MovieMaker provides a guide on how to use TikTok’s secret emojis and their full list.

Does TikTok Have Secret Emojis

There is no doubt that TikTok has gained much popularity these years and is becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. It’s mainly used to share creative content, make comments, and do small business.

On the other hand, emojis are getting more and more commonly used when people communicate with others online. It can make up for the disadvantages of online talking partially. Because emojis can be helpful to show facial expressions, tone of voice, and human gestures.

So, are there hidden or secret emojis on TikTok? Many users may be confused about it. The answer is certainly yes. There are 46 secret TikTok emojis. It’s not displayed directly on TikTok but needs particular emoji codes to unlock them.

These secret emojis could be accessed by anyone who knows the codes on both iOS and Android versions of the TikTok app, but not on the TikTok web browser. Fortunately, you will know the emojis’ codes after you look through this post. Furtherly, you can use them when you make or reply to comments.

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How to Use TikTok’s Secret Emojis

How to use secret emojis on TikTok? Using TikTok’s secret emojis is quite simple. Unlike ordinary emojis, you need to place a specific emoji code in two square brackets. Make sure you’re using square brackets, rather than other kinds of brackets, like curly brackets or ordinary parentheses. Then, it will turn into a secret emoji automatically.

Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Choose an emoji you preferred from the list in the next part.

Step 2: Copy the emoji code or remember it.

Step 3: Paste or type the emoji code into a comment or caption on TikTok

Step 4: Watch it convert into secret emoji and use it.

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Full List of Secret Emojis on TikTok

what are all the secret TikTok emojis? You’re in the right place. TikTok has 46 secret emojis with different two styles. One is colorful and round emoji faces and the other is flat and white emoji faces.

Next, we will list the 46 secret emoji codes.

The round secret emojis:

  • [angry]
  • [complacent]
  • [cry]
  • [drool]
  • [embarrassed]
  • [facewithrollingeyes]
  • [flushed]
  • [funnyface]
  • [greedy]
  • [happy]
  • [laughwithtears]
  • [lovely]
  • [scream]
  • [shout]
  • [smile]
  • [speechless]
  • [sulk]
  • [surprised]
  • [thinking]
  • [weep]
  • [wicked]
  • [wronged]
  • [yummy]

The flat secret emojis:

  • [angel]
  • [astonish]
  • [awkward]
  • [blink]
  • [cool]
  • [cute]
  • [disdain]
  • [excited]
  • [evil]
  • [hehe]
  • [joyful]
  • [laugh]
  • [loveface]
  • [nap]
  • [pride]
  • [proud]
  • [rage]
  • [shock]
  • [slap]
  • [smileface]
  • [stun]
  • [tears]
  • [wow]

These are the full list of secret emojis’ codes on TikTok. You can get and use them right now.

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Why Should You Use the Secret Emojis on TikTok

Now that you have known how to get and use secret emojis on TikTok, why should you use them?

Firstly, using a set of secret emojis that are different from your native system emojis makes TikTok more exciting and fun. It will bring a lot of joy. Next, it will make you look like an experienced TikTok user, knowing much about its inner secret language. Moreover, unlike the native system emojis, TikTok's secret emojis appear in the same look on all operating systems, so there is no misunderstanding about their meaning.

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This article illustrates how to get and use TikTok’s secret emojis, their full list, and why you should use them. Thanks for your reading!

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