Recently, there are many music streaming services for our options to let us enjoy music streaming anywhere. Since Tidal and Spotify both catch on among users, this post will compare them to find which one is better. Additionally, if you find a charming song on one of them, why not add it to your video with MiniTool MovieMaker.

Streaming music plays an important role in our life, but picking the right streaming music service is difficult because every music service has its highlighted advantages. Actually, choosing which one largely depends on what you want. Next, the following content will shed light on the differences between them and help you better choose based on your own needs.

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Tidal vs Spotify – Plans and Price

Tidal and Spotify are both available by subscription, but they also provide multiple choices of tiers. Tidal has two plans for the subscription. The premium plan is cheaper, 9.99$ monthly, allowing you to have access to a maximum of 320kbps audio quality via AAC, and numerous music libraries. The more expensive HIFI plan offers lossless music, which is its big edge over Spotify.

However, Spotify is cheaper and also has multiple plans for users, including Spotify Free, Premium student at 4.99$ monthly, Premium individual at 9.99$ monthly, etc. But it doesn’t have an option for high bitrate and lossless music.

In all, Spotify has a free tier though you have to stand the ad interruption and shuffle music, while Tidal music has an option for lossless music and has a military discount.

Tidal vs Spotify – Music Catalogue and Discovery

Tidal and Spotify both have a huge library of music, 60 million tracks on Tidal, and 50 million tracks on Spotify. And Tidal has many more music videos over 25,000 and subdivided catalogs whereas Spotify offers a wide library of podcasts. Thus, Tidal has a more large library size and many videos while Spotify prioritized podcasts.


But when it comes to music discovery, Spotify is well known as its precision algorithm to recommend exclusively multiple playlists to let you discover favorite songs, like “Discover Weekly”, “Daily Mix”, “Release Radar”, etc projects, according to your taste, genre, artists, and moods.

Definitely, Tidal is not bad and also relies on its intelligent algorithm to provide “Tidal Rising” for users. But Spotify provides many options to help you explore songs, while Tidal helps you discover interesting artists and albums.

Tidal vs Spotify – Sound Quality

As to the Sound quality, Tidal’s HiFi option gives you the listening experience better than the quality of the CD, as Tidal focuses on the lossless quality. And Spotify also offers different settings for audio quality, but the maximum streaming quality is 320kbps not to reach Tidal’s HiFi tier.

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Tidal vs Spotify – User Experience

Let’s see their interface and functions, which are relevant to user experience. They both adopt the dark mode and clean interface in a sense of lightness. But Tidal is easier to navigate to help you quickly switch windows, while Spotify has a more powerful searching ability.

On the other hand, Spotify has many social features more than sharing your music on social media as Tidal has, and it can allow you to see your friends’ playlists and flavor because of its Friend Activity function. But you can only use this feature on the web page, not for mobile.


Tidal and Spotify are both best music streaming services, and which one is better depends on your preference. Tidal prioritized lossless music and music libraries, whereas Spotify focuses on its function of discovering music and social connection. Both of them have their highlighted features for you. You can make use of their free trial and find which one is more suitable for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions about it, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] or share them in the comments section below.

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