This essay expressed by MiniTool official web page mainly informed you of the 8K resolution support of the Sony PS5 console. It also introduces the first PS5 8K game called The Touryst. Why need PS5 8K support? Let’s see the reasons!

PS5 8K Support

Is PS5 8K? It’s hard to simply answer yes or no. whereas the PS5 is compatible with the best 8K TVs and best 8K HDMI 2.1 monitors, the answer to can PS5 run 8K is a little complicated.

Does PS5 run 8k? Actually, the simplest answer to this question is yes, the PS5 does support 8K resolution. Yet, it isn’t that straightforward. Why say so?

Currently, PlayStation 5 is capable to support video games at an 8K resolution and has an HDMI 2.1 slot that enables the potential to play games in 8K resolution at 60 frame rates per second (FPS). However, 8K gaming is not available on the console for Sony has capped the current capabilities at a native 4K.

PS5 8K Games

Currently, there is one PS5 game that has the potential to run at 8K 60fps, The Touryst. It renders its images at an 8K resolution and uses the higher-resolution quality for processes like anti-aliasing, which allows for smoother and more natural lines.

However, regardless of the 8K support of The Touryst, its images have to be downscaled to 4K to be displayed on any televisions (TVs) or monitors.

In the future, more and more games will support 8K only if Sony updates the firmware of the PS5 and make it completely support 8K.

PS5 First 8K Game

first PS5 8K game The Touryst

Just as mentioned above, the first 8K game for PS5 is named The Touryst, which was originally released on Switch in 2019. It was then published on personal computers (PCs) and Xbox consoles in 2020. In September of the same year, the game added its support for PS4 and PS5.

Similar to playing The Touryst on PS5, play it on Xbox Series X version renders at 6K 60 FPS but downsampled to 4K, though the PS5 device features improved shadows and depth-of-field effects.

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About PS5 8K 120FPS

Sony started branding TVs that support 8K and 120fps as “PS5 ready” as early as July 2020, and the PS5’s packaging displays an 8K logo next to 4K 120 and HDR logos.

“PS5 is compatible with 8K displays at launch, and after a future system software update will be able to output resolutions up to 8K when content is available, with supported software.”

That is to say, the PS5 can support 8K but the utility is inaccessible at present!

When will PS5 have 8K? there is no exact answer. However, we hope that Sony will update the PS5 firmware near in the future and then we can completely enjoy an 8K game.

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Does PS5’s Support for 8K Matter?

Maybe for many people, the 8K resolution support by PlayStation is just icing on the cake. Yet, it does mean something.

In the first place, PS5 owners can finally see the true power of their console in action. It is one thing to claim that PS5 can play 8K videos in test conditions, it is another thing that gamers can really enjoy 8K gaming on the console.

In the second place, we would not expect the AAA games all to support 8K. Yet, when PS5 hardware is finally upgraded to completely support 8K, more popular titles will keep up with the advanced technology.

Besides, even if you don’t have an 8K monitor for PS5, better-rendered games can still improve your image experience. You will not get the full 8K effect, but your downscaled image will look a little bit better than the one rendered originally at 4K or that was upscaled by AI.

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