When your phone is out of data or without an internet connection, can you enjoy music offline? Of course, you can. With offline music apps, you can continue to listen to your favorite songs. Luckily, in this post, you will learn 6 must-try offline music apps. If you want to make a music video, MiniTool MoveiMaker should be the first choice.

Music streaming service makes it convenient to stream music online, but it consumes a lot of phone data. If you’d like to listen to music offline on the phone, you can choose from the top 6 offline music apps.

Top 6 Free Offline Music Apps

In this part, let’s concentrate on the 6 free offline music apps.


It’s one of the best free offline music apps for iPhone. With it, you can download desired songs, playlists, and albums, and then you can play them offline anytime. And it lets you have access to the music saved on Google Drive or Dropbox. Besides, you can download all recently played songs using the audio player cache. What’s more, it’s also an audio equalizer, playlists manager, bass booster, and ID3 tags editor.


Among the plenty of free offline music apps for Android, AIMP is a very simple music player to play music of almost all popular audio formats. And it can control playback speed, supports a 29-band graphic equalizer, and offers multiple playlists. Moreover, it’s available to group music files by template, downmix multi-channel audio files to stereo, and more.


It’s also recognized as one of the best free offline music apps for iPhone. It’s easy to download music from cloud storage, or import music from iPods, Mac, email, etc., and it can play music with no internet or Wi-Fi needed. Also, it supports the most common audio formats.

Google Play Music

It’s also considered as one of the best free offline music apps for iPhone and Android. As a popular music download app, it offers 50,000 songs for free, and you can download them for offline listening. If you want to access more songs or enjoy an uninterrupted, ad-free listening, you can subscribe to it.

MediaMonkey, another free offline music app for Android, it can scan and add your music to the library. And it can play music in most formats. Furthermore, it’s able to manage music files, audiobooks, podcasts, and videos. And it’s also a track editor, sleep timer, an equalizer, and more.

PlayerPro Music Player

When it comes to best free offline music apps for Android, PlayerPro Music Player shouldn’t be ignored. It can browse and play songs, playlists, albums, videos, and more. And it also enables you to view and edit the lyrics, control the volume. In addition, it supports the bass boost effect, stereo widening effect, and reverb effects.

Except for the 6 free offline music apps, there are many paid ones. The following is a list of 7 paid offline music apps.

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Bottom Line

With the 6 offline music apps mentioned above, you can easily enjoy your songs. Which app do you prefer? Do you want to recommend other offline music apps? You can share your opinions in the below comments area.

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