During the days working from home, the noise cancelling app is more important than ever. If you’re looking for noise cancelling apps good for video calls, teleconferences, team meetings, or any professional uses, here are some picks of the best noise cancelling apps. Read on to find the one you like most now!

In this post, we will discuss noise cancelling apps for different platforms. Whether you want to use it on your Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac, we all get you covered. Please be ready to dive in!

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Best Noise Cancelling App for Mobile

If you need a noise cancelling app on your mobile phone, take a look at this part to try the one you like.

NoiseWall (Android/iOS)

NoiseWall noise cancelling app

NoiseWall is the first recommendation of amazing noise cancelling app for iPhone and Android. True to its name, NoiseWall acts like a “wall” that blocks out the noise in the background.

Whether you’re concentrating on your studies or making video calls, this app is an ideal solution to shut off external distractions. It has a noise compensation mode which helps to adjust the volume according to the sounds around your phone.

myNoise (Android/iOS)

myNoise is an ambient soundscape that also works as a noise canceling app. It helps to mask noises with white noises. With this app, you can cancel out unwanted noises and get into the sounds that will help you focus on work, relax, or sleep.

In comparison to conventional noise cancelling tools, myNoise is modeled to the frequency characteristics of the noise that muddles you, thus achieving a better camouflage effect.

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Neutralizer (Android)

Neutralizer is one of the best noise cancelling apps for Android that’s designed to work for your own individual hearing. For the personalized experience, as you first launch the app, you will take a short hearing test, which measures your ability to hear different frequencies at different volumes.

It can predict which noises are most likely to distract you and adjust your EQ to a suitable setting for overall listening purposes.

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Best Noise Cancelling App for Desktop

In addition to the noise cancelling apps for mobiles, this part will introduce the noise cancelling app for Windows and Mac.

Krisp (Windows/Mac)

Krisp noise cancelling app

Krisp is an AI-powered noise cancelling app for Windows and Mac. It is an all-rounder for cancelling external noises in real time. You can use it to filter background noise from unwanted barking dogs, crying babies, keyboard clicks, and street background noises to unpleasant acoustic and room echoes.

Its AI-powered noise suppression relies on machine learning to analyze an individual’s audio feed and filter out the noise and retain only the speech signal. It will eliminate background noises from your microphone and speaker, ensuring distraction-free calls.

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Noise Blocker (Windows/Mac)

Noise Blocker is a customizable noise cancelling application for Windows 10. It blocks undesirable microphone noises, such as buzz, hum, and static sounds while on calls, video conferences, gaming, or even streaming.

This app is ideal when you’re on a conference call and you want to filter out background noise without toggling between mute and unmute. It is compatible with conferencing apps including Skype, Slack, and Google Hangouts.

Noise Gator (Windows/Mac)

Noise Gator is also a simple and practical noise canceling apps. It is a Java-based program that cuts out background noise in video calls or teleconferences. Noise Gator is intended for use with VOIPs like Skype, requiring Java 7 or higher for Windows and Java 6 or higher for Mac.

This lightweight noise cancelling software analyzes audio levels in real-time. This helps to filter out any sound while you are on a video call, work conference, or sound recording. It will produce a clean, crisp, and free of any pesky noises in the final output.

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After reading this post, we’ve learned 6 great noise cancelling app for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac. We do hope these tools can help you work and communicate more effectively. Just try the one you like and enjoy a noise-free world!

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