Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms that have taken the world by storm. As an Instagram user, there are many things you can do with your Instagram Story to make them pop. Knowing these Instagram Story hacks can help you to get some new inspiration for creating something amazing.

Top 9 Must-Try Instagram Story Hacks

Ready to take your Instagram Stories to the next level? Try these Instagram Story hacks! (If you want to make more video edits on your Windows PC, you can try MiniTool MovieMaker.)

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Instagram Story Hacks # 1: Customize with Colors in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the best place to show your personality. Let’s start with a simple but fun Instagram Story hack.  As for this hack, you can customize different things within the Stories: text color, brush color, background color, and more. Just highlight the text and select the color at the bottom of the text editor (You can even make a rainbow effect on your Instagram Story text).

Tips: To get more information about changing background Instagram Story color, check How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story – 3 Tricks.

Instagram Story Hacks # 2. Use Custom Fonts for Your Stories

When adding text to a post, there are a few ways you can edit the text to look exactly as you want it to appear. You can change the fonts on Instagram app. As there are limited fonts on Instagram, you can use an Instagram font generator to use more personalized stylish fonts.

Instagram Story Hacks # 3. Pin Elements to Your Instagram Stories

This also among the interesting Instagram hacks that make your Stories more entertaining. Instead of just layering different elements to your Stories, you can pin them to make them show up at the right moment, which includes emojis, text, stickers, and GIFs.

Instagram Story Hacks # 4. Try Instagram’s Accessories

Once you choose your images, select your colors, and set up your text, Instagram has a host of additional features you can use to spruce up your Stories. Swipe up on the edit screen to show more options, including location, mention, hashtag, GIF, music, time, polls, questions, countdown, quizzes, chat, stickers, and much more.

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Instagram Story Hacks # 5. Add a Layer of Translucent Color to Instagram Stories

If you want to drive interest for your upcoming launch, fill in the curiosity gap with engaging content. One of the best Instagram Story hacks to pique curiosity is to add transparent overlays to your images. These overlays help you conceal critical information while letting people know something’s happening.

Instagram Story Hacks # 6. Use the Eraser Tool for Cool Effects

The eraser tool can achieve unique results when you’re creating Instagram Stories. You can really use this tool to cover a new story for a dramatic reveal as shown in the image below. When doing this, you won’t just want to post a plain block of color, so try this trick with the eraser tool.

Instagram Story Hacks # 7. Use the ‘Add from Camera’ Sticker

This cool sticker option can add additional images to your Instagram story. You can set your image as the background and add another photo in a different shape. To change the shape of the image, tap the image and select from a circle, star, rectangle, and more.

Instagram Story Hacks # 8. Add Music to Your Instagram Story

Adding music to your Instagram stories can make them more engaging. Not to mention trending music clips play a big role in creating viral video content. When you’re posting a new story, add a popular song that people are likely to recognize. This way, many will watch your stories and increase your account engagement.

Instagram Story Hacks # 9. Add Stories to Highlights

Thanks to Highlights, Stories aren’t exactly temporary anymore. For the stories you wish to show our audience for longer than 24 hours, you can use this highlights feature. Whenever someone visits your profile, they can always see your old stories by clicking on the created highlights.

Not only it is a great way to keep your followers engaged with old stories, but also an excellent way to repurpose them.

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Hopefully, these Instagram Story hacks can help you to engage your followers through Stories. If you have other Instagram tips and tricks we missed to mention, welcome to share them with us in the comments section!

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