Will you use Twitter hashtags? How do you use hashtags on Twitter? This post on MiniTool MovieMaker will offer a simple guide on how to use hashtags on Twitter with high efficiency.

Why Hashtags Are Important on Twitter

Generally speaking, Hashtags are a combination of words or phrases prefixed with a # symbol without any spaces or punctuation. What’s the importance of hashtags on Twitter? Adding Twitter hashtags is a great way to give you better results than just text alone. When other people search for a hashtag, they’ll see the related content that includes the hashtag.

There are many benefits of using Twitter hashtags. One of the main benefits of using Twitter hashtags is that they can help your tweets gain maximum visibility and encourage engagement. If you post a tweet with a popular hashtag, it will be seen by a larger audience or even gain more followers.

In addition, you can create conversations around your brand, products, or services you offer, encouraging your followers to learn more about it. Many brands are using hashtags to promote themselves to increase followers’ engagement and build brand awareness.


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There’s no point in using a hashtag if no one is searching for it. So, how can you find trending hashtags on Twitter? You can use the following tools to find trending hashtags to gain the maximum engagement for your tweets.


The simplest and easiest tool to look for trending Twitter hashtags is Twitter itself. Tweet comes with a search feature that lets you find the latest hashtags on Twitter. On the left side of the Twitter dashboard, tap on the # Explore tab and then click on Trending to get the latest topics and hashtags. Besides, you’ll also find a list of popular topics and hashtags personalized to your interests under the For You tab.


Apart from Twitter, there are many other tools to find trending hashtags. Trendsmap is such a tool. With Trendsmap, you can see what’s trending on Twitter from anywhere in the world. Just click on a word or hashtag on the map and you will get results for that place. Also, it gives you detailed information on certain topics, allowing you to see the most popular tweets and related accounts.


Hashtagify is another tool to find the latest and most popular hashtags on Twitter. It lets you discover the best hashtags to use on social media, gives you custom recommendations, and lets you identify your competitors and influencers. Similar to Trendsmap, you can also see which countries and languages ​​are using the hashtag so that you can type your message accordingly.

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How to Use Hashtags on Twitter

Hashtags can be an effective way to engage your audience on Twitter, but only if you use them correctly. So, how to use Twitter hashtags effectively?

Tweet about events and conferences

Take advantage of Twitter hashtags to join in on trending events and industry conferences. If you’re tweeting about a new product from a brand you represent, the Twitter hashtag should be relevant to that brand and product.

Don’t use too many hashtags at a time

Although Twitter allows you to use as many hashtags as you like, don’t use too many hashtags at a time. This will help simplify your tweets. It will also ensure that your Twitter profile is seen by those looking for the topic and that your tweets don’t get lost in a sea of ​​other Twitter hashtags.

Create a brand hashtag that’s easy to spell and remember

Another way to make the hashtags you create get popular and increase your visibility is to make them easy to spell and remember. So that your brand hashtags will be used by more people when they want to add a hashtag to their tweets.

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Use both relevant and trending Twitter hashtags

when you use Twitter hashtags in your tweets, try to choose both the relevant and trending hashtags. The Twitter hashtags should be most related to your content. At the same time, pick the most trending hashtags from the relevant list.

Use hashtags about holidays and notable days

Some popular hashtags each year revolve around global, national, and local holidays and notable days. Try to use Twitter hashtags for celebrations or special days that are highly relevant to your brand, product, or service.

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This post offered a complete guide on how to use hashtags on Twitter effectively. You will know why you should them, and how to find and use Twitter hashtags.

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