Do you feel like you can't find inspiration on your Instagram feed? No worries; we are here to help! This post from MiniTool MovieMaker will give you some useful tricks on how to make your Instagram feed look good and elevate your grid.

How much do you know about Instagram grid? You can see nine pictures at a time as you view your Instagram profile on a mobile phone. "The grid" is made up of these nine images.

Sometimes, you may find that some of your favorite accounts come in slightly different colors and styles, which can help the content stand out. People are more likely to stop and look at these eye-pleasing grid effects, view the pictures, and even write reviews while doing so!

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Here are a few tricks to make crafting your Instagram feed easier. Now, let's dive in and learn more about how to make your Instagram feed look good and improve your grid.

Consider Like an Editor

You need to think of your Instagram feed as a whole, not as individual posts. This is the first small tweak you need to make in your Instagram posting process to plan your feed and make a good look.

The following are the main factors to think about while designing a good Instagram feed:

  • Confirm the types of posting pictures and videos
  • Choose from different visual theme styles to suit your posts
  • Know where to place your pictures
  • Set the publishing time of your Instagram posts in advance
  • Use filters, presets, or apps to process each picture

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Shoot High-quality Pictures

It is one of the easy tricks for how to make your Instagram feed look good. Despite not having an expensive DSLR, you can still shoot high-quality pictures. All you need is a steady hand, patience, and an eye for framing pictures in unusual ways!

Whether you're shooting professional pictures or life pictures with your iPhone or Android device, you can capture breathtaking pictures. Use the following tips:

  • Look for good natural lighting, for example, by a window or outside in the morning or evening.
  • Set your exposure using the AE or AF lock feature before taking your picture.
  • Turn on Grid Lines to improve your picture composition.

Color-coordinate Your Photos

Would you like to learn how to make your Instagram look better by adding color? If you're looking for color inspiration, check out Pinterest and some of your favorite feeds. Try the following points to choose the right color for you:

  • Choose how many colors you will use. Some palettes include six colors, but some popular Instagram accounts only have two or three.
  • Take into account your surroundings. Your choice of color may be influenced by the style and setting of the photos you take most often. For instance, if you often take beautiful seaside photos, you probably don't want to include neon or desert-dry colors in your palette.
  • Use a filter to make the colors in your Instagram feed stand out. With just one click, you can highlight your color palette in every photo. Alternatively, find a filter recipe on Pinterest to save to your favorite editing program.

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Always Check Your Photos' Backgrounds

This quick tip will change the look of your feed. Focus on the background of your photos and quotes and keep them clean.

Don't let the background take your attention away from the main subject. Unless the background plays an important role in your attention-grabbing strategies, such as a cool feature wall or a famous structure.

Regularly Publish on Instagram

If you're struggling to figure out how to make your Instagram feed better, the answer might be easier than you think. Consistency is key!

Participation and posting are critical, whether you choose to post once a day or plan to post up to three times a week yourself. Your followers will get used to seeing your content in their feeds and may even eagerly await your content if you post and interact with them regularly.

Wrapping up

That's all for the tricks on how to make your Instagram feed look good. I hope the content of this page is helpful to you. Creativity is diverse. Enjoy planning your feed!

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