DLNA technology can help you connect all of your devices to a digital network. It can be realized by using DLNA players. What is the best DLNA player? Luckily, this post offers you 5 options to choose from.

Before we jump into the best DLNA players, Let’s figure out what DLNA is. Generally speaking, DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance, which allows you to connect compatible devices to create a connection between them.

With DLNA players, you are able to transform your device into a powerful home media streaming center to share your favorite media across your home wirelessly. So, if you are looking for the best DLNA players, look through this handpicked list.

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PlayOn tops our list of the best DLNA players. It allows you to stream, record, and cast your favorite movies, music, and photos to any DLNA compatible devices like PlayStation, Roku, etc.

You can not only record movies and TV shows but also add them to your playlist and watch them later. Aside from being a DLNA player, it’s also one of the best media servers and it offers support for online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

You can browse the built-in web interface or use its mobile apps for both iOS and Android.



VLC for Mobile also has been called one of the best Android TV DLNA players. With it, you can play and stream media files of different format and resolution. To transfer video to your PC or TV, you can use SD drives or cloud storage like Dropbox.

You can connect to the cloud through an URL or via Wi-Fi sharing. To open and play network streams, you need to give this app permission to access the network. You will build a local network of PC, TV, and mobile devices to enjoy your favorite TV series or movie on the screen.

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iMovieShare is one of the best mobile DNLA players that enables you to access your media content everywhere you go. With it, all your music, videos, photos from your mobile phone are available for playing on other device screens.

You can start streaming from your phone to another device anywhere. This app will automatically detect the available devices nearby so you can choose the right one. You can also control the speed, brightness, and volume of your playing video on your phone.


Plex is also one of the best mobile DLNA players today. It is well known for its compatibility, wide range of supported devices, and easy setup. Using it, you can change your mobile phone into an online movie theater. You can use the service on any of your smart devices that support DLNA technology.

With more than 80 free channels and many web shows, this app helps you find something interesting with ease. Additionally, you can play your own multimedia files such as videos, music, podcasts, or other content.



LocalCast is another established DLNA player on our list. It works well with popular devices like the Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and other DLNA devices.

With it, you can transmit and play almost all files that you are in use. Photos, music, videos and much more can easily stream from one screen to another. Amazingly, there is no need to download content to stream it. It can connect to your cloud storage like Dropbox and play media files there, without using your smartphone memory.


This post introduces the 5 best DLNA players that are ideal for streaming media around your home. You can pick your favorite one depending on your preferences. It is time to get streaming!

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