Grey is one of the most common colors in our daily life. Knowing the best color combination with grey enables you to decorate your house interiors, clothes, etc. more properly. Just get inspired by the content published on MiniTool official website!

Generally speaking, grey is a very friendly color that can match many popular colors, from warm shades to cold tones, and further to neutrals.

What Colors Go with Grey?

Grey is enormously versatile when it comes to cooperating with other colors. Depending on its underlying tones and color depth, grey can be paired with almost all other hues. Warm greys are the best complement with sunny colors including yellows, oranges, and reds. Whereas cool greys are better coupled with cooler colors like blue, green, and light purple.

Some of the popular shades of gray are:

  • Agreeable gray
  • Peppercorn
  • Gibraltar
  • Edgecomb gray
  • Repose gray
  • Angora grey
  • Stone
  • Dark gray
  • Light gray
  • Soft gray
  • Silver gray
  • Charcoal
  • Industrial gray
  • Dusk
  • Textured gray
  • Iron gray
  • Steely gray
  • Antique pewter
  • Earthy gray
  • Weathered gray
  • Mushroom
  • Putty
  • Linen gray
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#1 Decorating with Gray and Brown Combination

When you think of brown and gray, you may think both of them are boring colors. Yet, when decorating in the right way, they can make miracles. When used for the interior, this grey combination color looks even better as long as the layout is good and the manner of decorating it is perfect.

#2 Grey and Yellow Color Combination

One of the best color combinations with yellow is grey. Both colors are versatile and can make as subtle or as bold a statement as you want. Just thinking about light grey with mango or muted yellow, or deep grey with warm yellow will uplift you. Both color combinations look attractive but different. Many yellow variants also work the same like mustard, ochre yellow, honey yellow, and brass.

#3 Peach and Grey Colour Combination

Peach, pink, or blush is another color that goes well with grey. It is an ideal shade to warm up the cold grey tone. The warmth is little that won’t cause side effects. A dusky pink will make a room look more comfortable for its visitors. Blush is just the perfect dusk pink tone that is more subtle than others and less daring than red.

#4 Black and Gray Color Combination

Gray and neutral colors are also a common combination in house decoration. Usually, we think of light tones are neutrals but both gray and black, monotones and deep hues with gravitas too can individually lift a scheme when paired with other lighter colors. To make use of the cool and sleek effect of gray, you are recommended to mix it with stark black accents.

#5 Grey and Red Combination

If you are going to create a dramatic scheme that evokes energy and a hint of drama, the red and grey color combination is a good choice. The mixture of plains and patterns makes your eyes to be drawn around the things. The influence of red is intensified by the consistent of using a singular tone. You can further balance the combination with light and dark greys. In addition to bright red, cheery red, fuschia, or cool red are also recommended.

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#6 Grey and Wine Colour Combination

Another good match between the grey and the red series is grey and wine color or earth red (dark red). You may think it is ugly to put both cold colors together. Yet, the result is unexpected. For example, imagine putting a vivid red sofa below a deep charcoal wall. Won’t it be beautiful?

#7 Modern Grey and Wood Combination

Putting the grey color with natural wood will give you such an amazing effect. Grey will look great together with rustic furniture like chairs, floors, doors, tables, etc. they will become so harmonious with each one reaching to the other naturally.

#8 Gray and Green Combination

Also, many people like to apply green colors to the basic gray tone, no matter it is light green such as lime and mint, or dark green like emerald. Besides, sage green, forest green, chartreuse, and apple green are also commonly used.

#9 Gray and Gold Color Combination

Gold color combination with gray creates a contemporary and modern feeling. Similar to black, gray is moody and blends well with all colors. To make a statement, you can add an attractive color to join with gray and metallic gold is a good choice.

#10 Blue and Gray Combination

Gray and blue is another typical color combination in house decorating. Many tunes of blue work effortlessly with grey including but not limited to navy blue, electric blue, pale blue, teal, cobalt blue, aqua, and royal blue. Just pick up a blue hue and make your match!

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Other Gray Combination Colors

In addition to the above colors, there are still a lot of tunes that work together with grey. We just put a list of them. If you want to see details about each color combination with grey, just search for more information online.

  • Grey & white
  • Grey & purple: lilac, lavender
  • Grey & orange: brilliant orange, orange soda, deep orange, burnt orange
  • Grey & dark grey
  • Grey & beige
  • Grey & coral

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