This essay extracted by mainly teaches you how to view and delete Amazon Prime Video watch history as well as its watching list. With the following easy steps, you can quickly find and handle the unwanted watched records.

About Amazon Prime Video Watch History

Amazon Prime Video watch history refers to the video watch record in your Amazon Prime Video account. If you watch a video on Amazon Prime Video, it will appear in its watch history. Each profile has its own list. To view and manage videos watched with a specific profile, just log into the corresponding Amazon Prime Video account (Amazon account).

How to View Watch History on Amazon Prime Video?

First of all, you can see the watch history of your Prime Video with the following steps.

  1. Visit the official website of Amazon and sign into your Amazon Prime account.
  2. Click Prime Video from the top menu.
  3. On the Prime Video page, click on the settings icon (gear) on the upper left and select Settings in the drop-down menu.
  4. On the Account & Settings page, choose Watch history.

Then, you can view all the watch history of the current Prime Video account except for the record that has been removed before.

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Why Need to Remove Watch History Amazon Prime Video?

If you share an Amazon Prime Video account with others, you may don’t others see what you have watched and keep your privacy. Besides, what others are interested in may not be your tastes. So, you need to delete your Amazon Prime Video watch history to prevent Amazon from promoting videos to you that are of the tastes of others.

How to Clear Watch History on Amazon Prime Video?

In general, you are able to get rid of titles from your Amazon Prime watch history and your continue watching list. Yet, that can only be achieved in the web browser. You can’t video or clear your Amazon Prime Video watch history in the Prime application.

Then, how to delete Amazon Prime Video watch history? Just continue reading!

If you only want to delete a specific movie or show from the watch history, just click the Delete xxx from Watch History button behind the video’s name after viewing your Amazon Prime Video watch history.


Although you are unable to see and remove Prime Video watch history within its app, you can delete your search history there. Just go to My Stuff > Settings in the Prime Video program and select Clear video search history.

How to Clear Amazon Prime Video Continue Watching List?

Next, let’s see how to remove items from the continue watching list of your Prime Video.

  1. Go to the Amazon Prime Video website and sign into your account.
  2. Find the Continue watching option.
  3. Click the Edit option on the upper right.
  4. Click the white X icon on the items that you plan to delete. Or, hover your mouse cursor over a title in the carousel and click the Hide this xxx icon (a circle with a forward slash within).
  5. When you finish. Click the Done in the right corner.
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