Would you like to try music streaming platforms other than SoundCloud? If you’re looking for SoundCloud alternatives, here are four popular SoundCloud alternative apps. Let’s take a look at the attractions of these four SoundCloud alternatives.

SoundCloud is one among the many music streaming platforms that allow you to listen to your favorite songs and share your music with people around the world, but you have to put up with some annoying popups and bad music quality.

If you want more than what you get on SoundCloud, here are the four best SoundCloud alternatives you can make a try. To add music to the video, try MiniTool MovieMaker.


Spotify is favored by people because it has many advantages and strong practicability.

First of all, Spotify has a first-class music discovery algorithm to help you discover new listening content and old favorites.

Second, it’s available in 187 countries, making it easier for music streaming fans in different parts of the world to use it.

You can add unlimited music to your personal music library. At the same time, you can enable social sharing, create conversations and learn about your friends’ playlists.

Last, it works on every device, including Android, Windows, Linux, iOS and similar. Plus, Spotify also works on multiple platforms including the web.

the official interface of Spotify

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Apple Music

Apple Music is a great SoundCloud alternative that gives you more human-curated discovery options.

First, you can share the application with up to six members. And once you enable social sharing, you can see what your friends are listening to.

Second, Apple Music has great music effects, compatibility with Apple products and free trial music videos.

Additionally, the library or music store of iTunes contains a big list of media files which makes it one of the better music streaming platforms available.

Apple Music uses a special feature to help you find your favorite music according to your preferences. You can view your favorite songs by artists and listen to your favorite songs on your favorite artists’ albums.

If you want to listen to songs and albums added to iTunes, Apple Music is a good choice for you.

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music has a smooth and well layout interface. It uses music song queues to help users navigate quickly and easily.

YouTube Music offers some offline music downloads for premium members. Premium members can download their favorite songs and videos to their mobile devices.

You can get all the remixes and music created by the online community through YouTube Music, and the music advice you get here is worth appreciating.

If you’re an Android device or a YouTube user, YouTube Music is a great SoundCloud alternative app to use.


Tidal is a leading music and entertainment platform supported by artists who have pioneered music streaming around the world. It has more than 70 million songs and a large number of exclusive interviews and music videos.

You can use My Mix and Artist Radio to find new music. Meanwhile, there is a delicated music team carefully selected popular original playlists for you.

With Tidal, you can listen to music on any device no matter when and where you are.


If you feel SoundCloud isn’t for you for some reason, then any of these four best SoundCloud alternatives will help you listen to almost any song you want. You can download any soundcloud alternative you like on your devices and enjoy your favorite music and albums.

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