There are plenty of classic movies are in the public domain, which means that they can be downloaded freely and legally. So where to watch and download public domain movies? What are the best public domain movies? These questions will be solved in this post.

Downloading a movie from an illegal movie download website could put you at risk. However, it’s totally safe to download public domain movies from any streaming websites. So what is the public domain? How do you find public domain movies? What are the best classic movies in the public domain? Now, let’s dive into this post!

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What Is Public Domain?

According to Wikipedia, the public domain means creative works that have no exclusive intellectual property rights. They can be a movie, book, picture, and song. How does a movie enter the public domain? There are three reasons:

  1. Works not covered by copyright law.
  2. Copyright has expired in its source country. For example, American movies made before 1964 now fall into the public domain.
  3. Release without an explicit Copyright notice.

How to find these public domain movies? Keep reading!

Where to Find Public Domain Movies?

Here are 4 public domain movie download websites that allow you to watch and download movies legally.

#1. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is an American digital library launched in 1996. It holds millions of books, videos (including public domain movies, TV shows, and other video clips), pictures, songs, and software. These resources on Internet Archive are free to browse and download. Plus, it provides a useful service called the Wayback Machine, which helps you find the deleted YouTube videos that you watched before.

Internet Archive

#2. Movie Found Online

Movie Found Online doesn’t host any media content, but it allows you to stream public domain movies, TV shows, and documentaries directly from other websites like YouTube, and Vimeo. You can browse movies by genres including action, adventure, comedy, romance, thriller, western, war, etc.

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#3. Public Domain Movies

Another best website to enjoy and download public domain movies is Public Domain Movies. Films on this websites are categorized into Feature Films, Comedy, Drama & Romance, Science Fiction & Horror, and Cartoons. What’s more, this website provides you with detailed information about every film including plot, cast, and soundtrack.

public domain movies

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#4. Public Domain Flix

This website offers thousands of public domain movies, TV shows, and cartoons. You can stream these movies for free without signing up. Just go to the website and find the movie you like. Then you can enjoy it with no limitations.

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10 Best Public Domain Movies That You Should Watch

Here recommend 10 best classic movies in the public domain.

  1. A Farewell to Arms (1932)
  2. A Star Is Born (1937)
  3. Meet John Doe (1941)
  4. The Outlaw (1943)
  5. Till the Clouds Roll By (1946)
  6. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)
  7. The Stranger (1946)
  8. Imperium (1951)
  9. Three Guys Named Mike (1951)
  10. The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954)


After reading this post, you must know how to find public domain movies. Now, visit these websites and find your favorite movies!

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