Check out the latest features in MiniTool MovieMaker v7.3! Now available, this update delivers an enhanced user experience along with fresh additions like effects and animated elements.

The new features of the upgraded MiniTool MovieMaker 7.3 are as follows:

  • Added a brand-new Audio tab with music and sound effect resources.
  • Newly added effects and animated stickers for video decoration.
  • Fixed the bug that experience error when open the project file after clearing the cache.

Brand-New Audio Tab

MiniTool MovieMaker 7.3 has added a new Audio tab which consists of the music and sound effects. The Music subtab contains Classic, Happy, Hip Hop, Love, Travel, and Vlog categories while the Sound Effect subtab includes Ambience, Fight, and Horror types. You can use those audio resources to enrich your video by following the below steps:

Step 1. Download MiniTool MovieMaker v7.3 and install it on your computer. If you have installed its old version, you just need to upgrade it to version 7.3.

MiniTool MovieMakerClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 2. Launch MiniTool MovieMaker 7.3 and close the promotion popup to enter its main interface.

Step 3. Click on Import Media Files to import your video and directly drag and drop it onto the timeline for editing.

Step 4. Click the Audio tab, choose the desired audio type on the left, and hover over the thumbnail of the music to preview it. If there is a download icon on the target music, you need to download it before you can use it. Next, click the + icon to add it to the audio track.

add music

Step 5. If the audio is longer than your video, you can split and delete the excess. Keep the audio track highlighted, move the playhead to the end of the video, and click the Split icon. Then right-click on the unwanted part and click the Delete option.

split an audio track

Furthermore, you can go to the Music Property section to make more edits like fading music and adjusting the audio volume.

Newly Added Effects and Elements

In this update, MiniTool MovieMaker also continues to add new effects and animated stickers to its resource library.

MiniTool MovieMakerClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

MiniTool MovieMaker 7.3 New Effects

In the new version of MiniTool MovieMaker, some new effects are added to the Effects library and those new effects belong to Overlay and Love categories.

MiniTool MovieMaker 7.3 New Elements

What’s more, MiniTool MovieMaker 7.3 added some new animated stickers including some explosion, festival, travel, and nature stickers. You can find them in the Element library.

How to Add New Resources to Fine-tune Your Video

You can refer to the below steps to add effects and stickers to your video.

1. You need to click the video clip on the timeline to highlight it. Then click the Effects tab, find the effect you prefer, click the download icon to get it, and click the + icon to apply it.

add an effect

2. Go to the Elements tab, find your favorite sticker, download it, and click the + icon to add it to the video clip.

add an animated sticker

Then you can extend the duration of the sticker to match the video length on the timeline. In the Elements Property section, you can flip and rotate the sticker or adjust its size. Moreover, you can change its location or size in the Player section.

edit the sticker

3. Click the Export option in the Player section to save the video. In the Export popup, you can change its name, select the output path, choose a proper format, change its resolution, or click the Settings button to change video quality, encoder, or bit rate. Finally, click the Export button.

export the video
You can activate the "Trim audio to video length" option in the Export popup to automatically remove any excess audio or elements that extend beyond the video's duration.


MiniTool MovieMaker is an excellent video editor that constantly offers new features, resources, and a better user experience. Try MiniTool MovieMaker and use it to create and edit wonderful videos.

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