Developed by BBC, BBC iPlayer is a video on-demand service and you can watch all of its channels online. And you can download content from BBC iPlayer for offline enjoyment. How to download from BBC iPlayer? This post teaches how to download videos and music from BBC iPlayer.

With BBC iPlayer, you can enjoy live BBC TV channels, TV programmes, and other various content like films, documentaries, dramas, news, music, and more. And it’s available on a wide range of devices, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Sometimes, you may want to download content from BBC iPlayer for offline watching. Luckily, this post offers clear guides on how to download from BBC iPlayer. If you want to edit the downloaded videos, try MiniTool MovieMaker.

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How to Download from BBC iPlayer on Desktop

To download content from BBC iPlayer on a PC or Mac, first, you need to install and download the BBC iPlayer Downloads app. And it’s free to download.

Here’s how to download BBC iPlayer videos and radio programmes from BBC iPlayer on a computer desktop.

Step 1. After installing the BBC iPlayer Downloads app, go to the BBC iPlayer website.

BBC iPlayer website

Step 2. Find the content you want to download. You can click the Categories to find your favorite drama, film, music, and more.

Step 3. You can see a Download option underneath the playback area, and click the Download button.

click the Download button

Step 4. Choose which version to download: Yes, download in HD or Yes, download in SD to select the desired quality for your video. Then the download will start.

For some Mac users, they have to open the BBC iPlayer Downloads app before downloading. Otherwise, it’s impossible to download things from the BBC iPlayer website.

Step 5. The download will show in the Downloads app and you can watch the video immediately. And you can only play the downloaded content from the Downloads application instead of other video players.

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How to Download from BBC iPlayer on Mobile

When you download BBC iPlayer videos or other things on mobile devices, the BBC iPlayer is enough and you won’t need to install another application. Below are detailed steps on how to download from BBC iPlayer on mobile.

Step 1. Open the BBC iPlayer on your device.

Step 2. Find the content you want to download, and tap the Download button underneath the description, and the download will begin.

Step 3. Tap the Menu > Downloads > Queue to check the download progress.

Step 4. After the download is complete, you can watch the video. Go to Menu > Downloads > Downloaded to locate your downloads.

How to Use Series Record to Download from BBC iPlayer

With the Series Record, you can download new episodes of your chosen programmes to the BBC iPlayer Downloads application on your computer or laptop. In the iPlayer Downloads application, click the By Series view, then switch on Series Record, and then it will automatically download the available new episode.

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It’s easy to download videos from BBC iPlayer, right? Now, follow the steps and download your favorite content from BBC iPlayer.

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