Can’t remember the name of a music video? Have you ever experienced this frustrating situation before? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. This post is going to tell you how to find a music video without knowing the name in different ways.

You’ve been trying to find a song for years or weeks but all you can remember is the melody and the partial lyrics. Or you can’t remember any lyrics about the music video but only remember the scenes in the music video. In that case, here offer you 5 tips on how to find a music video without knowing the name.

If you have the music video, things would be much easier. Just extract MP3 from music video without MiniTool MovieMaker and upload the track to a music identifier like AHA Music to find the music name.

Tip 1. Try Music Identifier

As you know the melody of the music, the quickest and simplest way is to use a music identifier. AHA Music is a professional song identifier for browsers. It offers 2 options to identify music. One is recognizing the music video playing near you, the other is identifying the music video by humming or singing.

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Tip 2. Find Music Video by Lyrics

If you remember a specific line or phrase within the song’s lyrics, you can try the Find Music by Lyrics website. Based on Google search technology, this website lets you find any song by lyrics. After knowing the basic information of the song, you can go to Google and enter the song name and the artist’s name, then find the music video you’re looking for.

Find Music by Lyrics

Tip 3. Try YouTube Search

YouTube is the world’s biggest video hosting platform. If you are trying to find a music video without knowing the name that you watched on YouTube two weeks ago, and wonder “how do I search for a song on YouTube”. Here’re some skills that help you find the music video.

UPLOAD DATE – Type the keywords and filter the results by UPLOAD DATE (Last hour, Today, This week, This month, This year)

TYPE – Filter the results by TYPE (Video, Channel, Playlist, Movie, Show).

DURATION – Filter the results by DURATION (Short, Long).

FEATURES – Filter the results by FEATURES (Live, 4K, HD, Creative Commons, 3D, VR180, HDR, Location)

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Tip 4. Try Advanced Google Search

Another way to find a music video without knowing the name is to use advanced Google search. Here’s how to:

AND: Use AND that will tell Google to include things that are matching your whole list. “band AND bohemian”.

OR: Use OR to apply filters like “rock OR female rock stars”.

Missing words: You can use * to search for a wildcard. “* band in the 90s”

Hashtag: #rockinthe90s

Tip 5. Try Song Naming Community

If you only remember vague details about the music video like the scenes, tune, you can upload the recording and description to a song naming community like WatZatSong.

Or go to Quora, type your question, and describe the music video, the wait for someone to answer the question.

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That’s all about how to find a music video without knowing the name and how to find music video by description. Do you have any other ways to find an unknown music video? Tell us in the comment section!

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