Many people like reading comic books. If you are looking for a website to read comic books for free, here are 6 best sites to read comics online free. Now, read this post and find your favorite comic books and read them online.

Nowadays, instead of buying print comic books, people would choose to buy digital comics because they can read their favorite comics on tablets or smartphones anywhere. So where to get free comic books? How to read comic books without apps? In this post, I’ve compiled of 6 best sites to read comics online free. (If you create narrated comic books, you can take screenshots of the comics, create a video from screenshots and record a video narration. Then use MiniTool MovieMaker to add narration to video.)


For Marvel fans, Marvel might be the best site to read comics online free. This website offers 75 free comic books and hosts thousands of marvel comics that you need to pay.

Free marvel comics include X-Men #1, Thor #1, Thanos #1, Doctor Strange #1, Black Widow #1 and more.

It allows you to browse all the pages in a comic book, and zoom in/out a comic. This comic website is safe, so you don’t need to worry about malicious ads and malware. To read comics online free, click the marvel comic you like and tap on the READ NOW button in the DIGITAL ISSUE section.

DC Kids

As its name suggests, DC Kids is designed for kids, which allows kids to read DC comics, watch DC videos and play DC games. Lots of comic books on this website are available for free and can be viewed on any modern browser, without annoying ads. Find the comic you want to watch, click READ MORE to enjoy it!

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Get Comics

Get Comics

Get Comics offers you DC comics, Marvel comics, and Europe comics. It allows you to read comics online free and download them for offline viewing. On this website, you can browse comics by Latest release, Views, Category, Alphabetic and Tags to quickly find your favorite comic books.


Another best site to read comics online free is ComiXology. It’s a digital distribution platform offering over 100,000 comic books, manga and graphic novels. You can read about 100 comic books online free or download them to your devices like Android, iOS, Windows 10, or Kindle Fire.

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Tapas is a webtoon and prose publishing website that hosts tens of thousands of comics and novels. It operates on a freemium model, but still provides you with some free comic books.

All the comics are categorized into Romance, Fantasy, Action, Drama, BL, GL, LGBTQ+, Comedy, etc.


This is the best site to read comics online free, with tons of comics. It lets you read serval episodes of a comic book per day. If you want to unblock all episodes, you need to pay. The best part of this website is that some comics are translated into different languages such as German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, and Japanese.


This post lists 6 best sites to read comics online free. Now, choose the website you prefer and find great comics to read online!

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