Have you ever heard of the call to action in video? This post on MiniTool MovieMaker will provide you with a complete guide on call to action in video, including its definition, types, examples, and useful tips.

What Is a Call to Action in Video

A call to action (CTA) in video is a prompt that lets viewers know what to do next and what actions are required to get to the next step after watching the video. This can be anything from subscribing to a channel, liking a video, sharing a video, or visiting a website. CTA is an important part of any video marketing strategy, as it helps increase engagement and conversions.

Types of Call to Action

There are many types of calls to action (CTAs) that you can use in your videos. Generally speaking, there are three major types of call to action videos, including verbal CTA, text CTA, and CTA buttons.

  • Verbal CTA: In this type of call to action video, we often see a person speaking, or we can hear a voice-over. It usually showcases the product and encourages us to either click a link or subscribe.
  • Text CTA: This type of CTA has animated text explaining all the details and calls to action at the end of the video. It’s really handy to insert some dates, promo codes, or other information that’s easier to perceive in an easily readable form.
  • CTA buttons: It’s a handy way to lead customers to a place order or subscription form. CTA buttons usually have a short imperative message asking to click on the link and proceed to further action.
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Video Call to Action Examples

Here is a list of the best call to action examples that you can use to end a video to get people to take action:         

1. Subscribe to a channel

2. Like a video

3. Share a video

4. Comment on a video

5. Visit a website

6. Call number

7. Try for free

8. Contact us

9. Sign up for a newsletter

10. Download an app or software

11. Make a purchase

12. Learn more

Tips for Making Better Call to Action Videos

What should you pay attention to when you create a call to action button or video? Here are some useful tips for call to action video creation that may bring you more views, clicks, likes, or sales.

1. Be clear and concise: Make sure that your call to action in video is easy to understand and that it clearly conveys what you want the viewer to do next.

2. Use action-oriented language: Use language that encourages the viewer to take action, such as Subscribe now, Book today, Visit our website, etc.

3. Make it relevant: Your CTA should be relevant to the content of your video and should provide value to the viewer.

4. Use different types of CTA: You can try to add subtitles to the call to action video or add a CTA button at the beginning or end of the video. It will help you reach a larger audience, as some viewers don’t like to just listen to the audio and read the text.

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5. Use urgency: Create a sense of urgency by using highly actionable phrases, such as Sign up today or Try now.

6. Keep it short: Your CTA should be short and to the point. Avoid using long sentences or complicated language.

By following these tips, you can create a call to action video that is effective and drives engagement and conversions.

Bottom Line

Call to action in video is a great way for your video marketing strategy. At the end of these videos, viewers will have a clear idea of what needs to be done. So, don’t forget to add a call to action to your video. If you don’t know how to do it, please refer to this post.

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