WhatsApp frequently faces outages that prevent users from sending messages. When it occurs, people express their dismay on social media by using the WhatsApp clock icon. You can learn more about it on this MiniTool MovieMaker page.

What Does the WhatsApp Clock Icon Mean?

You might get a little frustrated when you try to send a message on WhatsApp and see a clock emoji in the lower right corner. If you see the WhatsApp clock icon on the message, it means that the current connection is not suitable to send your message.

In other words, the WhatsApp message clock icon means that your internet connection isn't strong enough to deliver your message. But sometimes it means the whole application is closed. However, sometimes it indicates that the entire application is closed.

Why Are WhatsApp Messages Stuck on the Clock?

Your WhatsApp messages may not be delivered or remain stuck on "Clock" due to several reasons, listed below:

Problems with Internet Connection

Problems with the internet connection are the most common reason why WhatsApp is not sending messages. You may be running out of mobile data, or you may be having issues with your WiFi connection. A faulty router can also be the cause of network connectivity issues.

Problems with Device

The operating mechanism of many apps on your device, including WhatsApp, could be blocked due to a temporary error in your device. It could also be that the problem with the device is caused by a glitch in the operating system, which makes it slow down. This could then result in the WhatsApp messages staying in the "Clock" status. Simply wait for WhatsApp's team to repair the server and bring it back online.

Problems with WhatsApp Server

As has happened in the past, the WhatsApp server can be down in the event of an accident. There is nothing you can do if there is a problem with the WhatsApp server. When the server is restored, your message will be sent automatically, and the WhatsApp clock icon will change to a single or double check. The problem is, when the WhatsApp server is back online, you cannot send messages from your device unless it is connected to the internet.

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How to Fix the WhatsApp Messages Stuck on the Clock Icon?

If the WhatsApp messages remain on the Clock symbol for a long time, this could be due to reasons other than a slow internet connection. To fix the issue, try the following solutions:

Check the Internet Connection

WhatsApp will not function properly without a stable network connection. If this is not done, WhatsApp messages will not be sent. Therefore, it makes sense to use this as the first step in checking for issues with your Wi-Fi or cellular network. After checking the network settings or entering the connection, you can wait a few minutes for the message to be sent to confirm that the connection is stable.

Toggle the Airplane Mode on and off

Activating and deactivating Airplane mode on your device will help you quickly restore your internet connection. This is a potential solution to the connection issue.

Simply go to your device's control panel and select the "plane mode" option. After giving it two minutes to cool down, open the same menu and toggle off this mode.

Restart Your Device and Reinstall WhatsApp

Some installations and actualizations may be plagued by issues and malfunctions. There is no way to avoid these problems with mobile devices and computers. You can prevent WhatsApp from malfunctioning by restarting your device and reinstalling WhatsApp.

If you’re using an iPhone device, you can press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons for a few seconds, and then slide the power option on the screen. To restart an Android device, you can push and hold the bottom block for a few seconds.

Reset Network Settings on Your Device

By resetting the network, you can not only undo any configuration that may cause connection errors but also prevent WhatsApp messages from being sent. The steps are as follows:

  • iOS device: go to Settings, tap General Settings, and select Reset Network Settings.
  • Android device: go to Settings, tap the Network & Internet, and select Reset Network Settings.

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This page is mainly about what the WhatsApp clock icon means, why WhatsApp Messages are stuck on the Clock, and how to fix the WhatsApp Messages stuck on the clock icon.

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